Review Museum Van Abbe @ Eindhoven

Picture taken by Eindhoven365: Van Abbemuseum

Review Museum Van Abbe @ Eindhoven

To be honest, the first time I stepped into the Van Abbe museum Eindhoven there was some sort of weird exhibition with old ropes. It smelled like mold and I only saw the ancient main hall at the entrance (which is the old part of the building), so I stepped out again. However, a few months ago I had to stop by the foto-shop, and I realised that across the street there was this little coffee-place. I stepped in and it happened to be the museum-café, so I went for a coffee and a chocolate cake. After seeing the other side of the Van Abbemuseum building which is very modern (photo by Jannes Linders) I figured I might as well take a look inside and do a full review.

To my surprise it was not a museum with old-style paintings, but a very modern museum with lots of contemporary art. This is more my taste in terms of artwork, so it was a nice surprise. The collection at that moment had a variation of paintings in all shapes and sizes, Neon-signs that stated quotes and lots of drawings (really modern and cool). The elevator had some surprises as well, so don’t take the stairs down, when you’re done. The rest of the collection had modern sculptures, video-footage (some as a collage) and there was an exhibition about watching TV across the world.

Also a cool feature at this museum is the possibility to walk into some of the  work-areas of the museum and take a look. When I was there they were going to have an exposition about beetles, so in the work-area they were doing the preparations for this exhibition. The museum also offers an insight into it’s library. If you stop by don’t skip the museum shop!!! There are a lot of very interesting books to review for designers or design-afectionados, but also all kinds of little trinkets like jewelry, lightbulbs and other cool stuff.

I can say that I enjoyed my walk through this nice museum Eindhoven offers and that I was pleasantly surprised by it’s collections. If you’re a museum-lover, you should take a look at this art hotspot, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven. Review their latest collections on Interested in street art? Then visit my page on the Berenkuil a graffitti art hotspot.

If you’d like a coffee after the museum, please visit my coffee hotspots page. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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