Nightlife hotspots and drinks @ Eindhoven

Eindhoven hotspots

Nightlife hotspots and drinks @ Eindhoven

Let’s make the selection right here… Are you under 21? Stop reading here as you will probably end up at the Stratumseind. If you are over 21, check out my nightlife hotspots and areas in Eindhoven.

De Bergen

For drinks around the Bergen in Eindhoven there are several good spots. Laid back drinks at Mathilde Drinks and more, Mangiare is more white collar. Bobby’s Bar (former BerlinBar) has a really cool dark ambiance and serves lots of mix-drinks. Berlage has good music and the average age is a bit higher than usual. 


In the summer this square is packed with people, especially after working hours. At this square near the ‘Bergen’ there is a variety of bars and restaurants, ranging from old-school-bars, rockbars, tapasrestaurants and expensive and good ones. Dress up (a little, we’re just in Eindhoven) and have a good time.


For youngsters this street is the ‘walhalla’ of nightlife. But in between all the youth you can find a few hidden gems. For example Calypso (restaurant, drinks, music) that has great food and funky music all night long. De Oude Rechtbank (old courthouse) which has parties every now and then. There are different kinds of parties being held here, it’s a nice location and there’s a bar on the other side of the building that serves friday night drinks. Around the corner of the Stratumseind are some restaurants of which the Burger has a nice vibe to have some drinks with friends.

calypso- eindhoven-restaurant-best-hotspot-hotspots-lunch-coffee-dinner-breakfast
Calypso Eindhoven

City centre

Crossover to the Keizersgracht and you will find Van Moll, a fingerlicking brew pub. They create and serve craft beer and there is a really laid back vibe. Play games with your friends or just have a chat with them, it’s possible here. Not only the beer is good, but the other signature drinks are special as well.
At the center of the city there is the main square (de markt), where de Vooruitgang stands out by its designer interior. Start the night here with a bite and progress into a little dancing tempted by one of the DJ’s. A little smaller, but quite a nice place is Hoogste tijd. It is nice for dinner and drinks afterwards, usually has DJ’s in the weekends pumping up the volume.

Downtown Gourmet Market

This place opened in 2017 and is one of the best spots to start your night out with drinks and a bite. There are more than 15 food stalls and the ambiance is great for drinks with friends. When you visit Eindhoven, don’t forget to visit this place. For more info about this place, read here…

downtown gourmet market eindhoven
Wanna go for a spin?

Strijp S

Strijp S is a venue for festivals and parties. The Klokgebouw features some of the best dance and elektro parties, POPEI has lots of live music, the Blue Collar hotel has funk parties and the restaurant Radio Royaal turns into a club every once in a while/. Just follow the DJ Guides for Eindhoven. During STRP festival and Dutch Design Week music is all around here.

The Ketelhuisplein @ Strijp S Eindhoven

If you haven’t found your cup of tea yet, just look around the city, there is a place for everyone. Enjoy!!

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