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Welcome to my blog about your favorite places in Eindhoven!

My name is Marc and I moved to Eindhoven in 2014 to come live with my girl. Not really knowing this city any better than the regular city center, I started wandering the streets and exploring the city. Looking for the less obvious places, spots to enjoy my newspaper and coffee on the terrace, my evening bite with friends or to plug in my laptop and finish some office work with a coffee or two. On the way I discovered small urban spots, managed by passionate owners sharing their stories. I also found that some better known places are even more surprising than I would have imagined upfront. Enjoy going to my favorite Eindhoven hotspots!

What I found out is that Eindhoven has so much more to offer than the well-known ‘Stratumseind’ or the city center. It may not have quite the charming old city landscape or the romantic canals like Amsterdam or Utrecht. But hey, Eindhoven doesn’t need that. It has its own urban coffee bars, design culture, industrial restaurants, many start-ups, high tech companies, need-to-know-parties and other innovating cultural aspects surrounding the city.

Through this blog I will tell you about the spots I found;  hotspots for food, coffee, drinks, art, and more. If you like my finds, please comment on the blogposts in this guide. Feel free to share with me your own suggestions and discoveries!

Are you an explorer as well, or do you like to find out about the hotspots in Eindhoven, be sure to follow my blogs on this website and let me guide you through this beautiful city. Or just do what I did and wander off the main streets with your Nikon ready to shoot and find out which secrets are hidden in this lively city!

My blog is not about showing you all there is to offer in Eindhoven, but it is my view on what’s good, tasty, fun and good-looking in Eindhoven. Only the best hotspots. If you have an addition to my hotspots please let me know and I will check it out, who knows, maybe I’ll even blog about it.

Tip: I have organized my blog in a few categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Just click above on the category you want to find out about.

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More is coming soon…

For now enjoy your stay in Eindhoven and enjoy this interesting urban and transforming city!

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