Drinks @ Berlin Bar Eindhoven

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Drinks @ Berlin Bar Eindhoven

One of the few ‘what you see is what you get’- bars on the Kleine Berg is Berlin Bar 5611. The name Berlin Bar makes sense. When you walk in you feel the vibe and look-and-feel that is typical for Berlin-type bars. Berlin Bar is a very pure place… good music without being too overwhelming, good drinks, great atmosphere and great service. Make sure you have been here when you visit Eindhoven, because this is one of my favorite spots to have a drink, maybe even the best place to hang out.

Whatever night you choose, there is always a crowd having a few laid-back drinks and a chat. Berlin Bar attracts a different crowd than most places on the Kleine Berg. Less white-collar and a more diverse and relaxed crowd. Expats, students, people on a date, good-drinks-enthousiasts and your regular Joe can all be found here and they all blend in together.

The creator of the drinks menu must have made a big study on Gin and Tonic, since probably all Gins known-to-man are available here. No worries if you’re a beer-lover or enthousiast of other spirits. A wide variety of other drinks and beers are served here as well and they usually come with some crisps too. The bartenders at Berlin are professionals and really skilfull. They make you feel at home right away and give an extra ambiance to this hotspot. Ask the bartender for a black pepper Bramble and be surprised!

The interior is very thoughtfully styled in such a way that it seems random, but if you look closely you will see that everything was thought of to perfection. Lots of dark colours give this place a ‘raw’ and laidback vibe and the use of different kinds of wood and skillfully placed lamps make every spot seem like a little ‘world of it’s own’. There’s a little terrace in front, where you can enjoy the first drink you order and have a glance into the street, while waiting for your company. To get a better feel of the interior of this hotspot you can check out Berlin Bar’s Website.

Go ahead and visit Berlin Bar at the kleine berg in Eindhoven! It’s my favorite drinks-hotspot of the moment. And of course… Bring your friends! For more ideas for drinks in Eindhoven visit my Drinks-page or go to the following surprise-location 1 or surprise location 2. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

BerlinBar 5611 recently switched hands and turned into Bobby’s Bar. The interior is still the same, the crowd is and I still hear funky tunes. The drinks menu will change, but still there will be plenty of Gin and Tonics (more than eighty!!!!) to choose from. And Bobby’s will add fingerfood in the near future. So…. what are you waiting for… let’s check it out, are you coming?!?

Chill and groovy music @ Berlin Bar 5611…

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