Dinner at Radio Royaal @ Strijp-S

Dinner at Radio Royaal @ Strijp-s

Recently I had dinner at Radio Royaal at Strijp-S with one of my friends. It’s located near the ‘Klokgebouw’ at Strijp-S. This whole area is worth a see, since it has been remodeled from old Philips factories to apartments, lofts and workplaces for creatives as designers and startup-companies. There a lot of buzz around here and there are a lot of nice restaurants and designer-stores.

Back to Radio Royaal;  this place looks like the day-crew of a Phlips factory just left for the night and left all their machines and tools there. At the side of the restaurant you see what looks like steam-generators and the steal beams run throughout the whole building. In the midst of this vintage machine-room they have set-up italian-type-dressed tables with white linnen and the chairs are vintage schoolchairs. While you’re at Radio Royaal you can play a game of badminton, have a look around, or just enjoy a great dinner. The kitchen is open, so you can see how products are prepared, before they are served at your table. The staff is very friendly and will help you with all your needs and the restaurant opens every weekday from six till ten.

The menu at Radio Royaal is based on the French and German cuisine and varies during the year depending on the weather or the seasons. One of the German starters you have to try is flammkuchen! This is like a small pizza with a very good taste! You can share this with your friends. A really good suggestion. I can’t remember what I had for dinner and dessert, but I do know it was good as well.

Every now and then you can go clubbing at Radio Royaal. Check out the party agenda at funkibizniz. This night out is still on the wishlist.

If you like industrial environments to eat, where you can look around all evening during your lovely dinner, go and check out this dinner hotspot Radio Royaal. It’s worth the visit!!!

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