Breakfast at Meneer de boer @ Keizersgracht


Breakfast all day!: Meneer de boer at Keizersgracht Eindhoven.

I first heard of this place through a friend who lives in the city centre. He said that there was a new place in town (opened in October) that serves breakfast all day! How about it: ALL DAY!!! Who doesn’t want a nice eggs & bacon in the late afternoon.

I checked out this spot on a tuesday afternoon around lunchtime and sure thing: the menu is full of breakfast-items. From a full breakfast (possible with white beans; enough for a hungry man) to an anti-hangover-breakfast and waffles and pancakes. I also saw a lot of deliciousness on the menu like cakes, rocky road, sandwiches and croissants. They also serve some Dutch treats available to cover your croissant or sandwich like ‘hagelslag’, peanut butter, dutch cheese and chocolate flakes.

I tried the full breakfast with a ‘sunny-side-up’ egg, sausages and cappuccino. It has been a while since I was in britain and was able to order sausages for breakfast, so I loved giving it a try. The owners were very friendly and the food was great. They even had me try their Chai Latte, which was delicious.

The external structure of this place is quite unusual for Eindhoven. The whole building is on the monuments list for it’s wooden frames around the windows. They kept the wooden outline of the place the same throughout the inside. A lot of wooden tables, all kinds of different chairs and an open kitchen make it a good place to hang. They have also made a spot near the window with some pillows and lounge chairs for a more loungy experience.

They open at 8 ‘o clock tuesday till sunday. Perfect for a stop in the morning on your way to work or for a weekend breakfast or lunch. Be sure to visit this nice breakfast hotspot!
Have a coffee or a drink nearby.

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The building of Meneer de Boer is on the monuments-list.
A little cosy lounge-place to look at people passing by…
Now that’s what I call breakfast!!!
Lots of wood, tile-style design floor, warm atmosphere.
Dutch treats to choose from for your sandwich or croissant!
The beautiful open kitchen at Meneer de Boer.

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