Dinner @ Calypso Eindhoven

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Dinner @ Calypso Eindhoven

Start your night at one of Eindhoven’s most laid-back restaurants… Bar Bistro Calypso. What may sound like a guilty pleasure from the 1980’s or a bumpy ride at the local fair, is actually a great restaurant/bar/coffee-hangout. Using a little bit of self-mockery, this name for sure rings a bell for the pre-1980’s crowd and therefore creates a refreshing contrast to most of the clubs and bars on the Stratumseind, where the youngsters get their first hangovers.

Calypso has created a livingroom-like atmosphere, and is a safe haven at this part of town. The pizza-oven of Ludwig and some of the furniture moved to Calypso, along with some of the guests, but has transformed into something of its own.

Concept and menu

The food is pure and the concept simple; there’s breakfast, lunch and dinner to enjoy either inside and out on the terrace. Every night had a different dinner theme, but starting October the menu will be renewed. The simplicity of the menu with the attention to detail in the dishes really makes it worth eating and drinking here…. Please do try the cake, the special Rum from the Philipines or the bloody mary on Sunday mornings 🙂

For the weekends Calypso has flexible opening hours..to enjoy your evening a bit. At night the restaurant slowly transforms into a bar. Your dinner will be served with some funky vinyl-record tunes and the volume will turn up a notch when it’s time for drinks or dancemoves. Starting September, they will host live music at least once a month in the last weekend of the month. Rumour goes they’ve just opened a couple of rooms to stay overnight (B&B like) above the restaurant, so you can make it your livingroom away from home for a while.

During the Dutch Design Week there will be lots of activities like Parties, live music and more. The terrace has just been refurbished into a colourful Design-out-crime terrace, so go check it out for yourself on a sunny day. Stay tuned to the latest on Calypso’s website.

See you next time for dinner or drinks at Calypso Eindhoven! Open every day except for tuesdays.

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Calypso told us about another hotspot: Go see the little gardens of the Genneper Parken.

Photocredits: The nice photo above is made by Ruud Balk.

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