Lunch @ Sissy-Boy Eindhoven


Lunch @ Sissy-Boy Eindhoven

I never expected to say this, but this is actually a nice place to grab a coffee or a sandwich. The building and the interior are cool, the view is great and the food is nice.

The interior is really nice, all in style with the furniture and clothes that are sold here. The shop and restaurant all have soft colours, and it looks very ‘Feng Shui’. Some of the furniture is made by Piet Hein Eek.

Sissy-Boy is located in the ‘Blob’ in Eindhoven, near the Piazza and the trainstation. You have a great view onto the street below. The blob itself is a futuristic looking globe, and reminds me of the style of Santiago Calatraba, who has designed some of the buildings of the palace of arts in Valencia. I wonder what it will be like in the summer when the sunlight shines directly into this place. It will feel like an inside terrace I guess.

Recently I have been there for lunch twice. Once I had the croissant with ham and cheese for lunch, that is served hot from the oven and is delicious (enough carbs for the rest of the afternoon). With that a very huge and good Latte Macchiato. Another time I was surprised by the home-made spelt-bread in a toast Italian Style. I also drank a fresh smoothie with pineapple and coconut-flavour, it seems all the food here is very healthy, tasty and decent sized.

The WIFI is free, so you can catch up with your friends, or even do a little work from here. Or you can take some time off a shopping-spree on a sunday afternoon. Be sure to walk around the store as well, as they sell good-looking stuff.

Sissy-Boy serves breakfast starting from 10 ‘o clock in the morning and they are open until 18.00 on weekdays. It’s worth a visit, when you’re around. Take some time off at this great lunch hotspot!

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