Restaurant: Onder de Leidingstraat @ Strijp-S

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Cool restaurant strijp-s eindhoven: onder de leidingstraat

This cool restaurant at Strijp-S in Eindhoven can be found at the end of the ‘leidingstraat’. If the ‘koffiehuisje’ at Strijp-S is a little common for you, try this little gem, combination of lunch or coffee spot and Deli. Walking in you will smell the fresh vegetables being prepared for lunch or dinner. This place is as much biological as can be.

‘Onder de leidingstraat’ serves fresh pick-your-own salads, home-made sandwiches and soups, italian pasta’s and much more. I tried the sandwich with cheese and candied red onions and had a freshly made mint tea with that. You can eat-in or take-away anything off the tasty menu. You can find your share of biological / green products as well. It’s a one-stop-shopping restaurant for vegetarians or good-food lovers who are enjoying a visit at Strijp-S.

The interior of ‘Onder de leidingstraat’ is industrial like most of the restaurants at Strijp-S. There is a variety of spots to sit, including a large table, small cosy tables to have a more private lunch and a lounge sofa to do some reading. Next to the counter is the little shop or Deli, where you can buy some of the most nutritious biological items, like ready-to-go soups, beans for hummus, fair-trade products and for example chocolate. Next to that is the salad-bar where you can get creative in composing your own tasty salad. There is a little terrace outside, but I haven’t tried it yet, since it was mid-november when I was last there, but I’m sure it’s a good spot for smokers or sun-lovers.

The music you hear in this restaurant is laid-back and in the background. You will hear jazz music or Spanish influences at a volume at which you can very easily do conversation.

All-in all this is a nice place to grab a coffee or a take-away sandwich, have a quick lunch or order your dinner to go. It has become one of my favorite spots at Strijp-S.
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