Drinks at Van Moll @ Keizersgracht


Drinks at van Moll @ Keizersgracht

From time to time I have a couple of drinks at Van Moll, one of the best cafés on the inner city ring of Eindhoven. Just a ten minute walk from the trainstation you will find this bar that is hidden from the average crowd in Eindhoven. People having drinks here are not passing-by, but go here for the atmosphere… An atmosphere that is awesome! The café is laid-back, chill, different and the crowd is the same. The crowd is mixed with well-informed habitants of Eindhoven, expats and visitors who have found this spot.

This bar slash cafe slash brewery is one of the best places to hang out with friends and enjoy a good conversation. The music is toned down unlike other bars so it’s easy to understand one another and enjoy the company.The interior of this bar is nice. Lots of wood combined in a modern fashion and lots of open space and light topped of by a NEON-sign and lots of space to sit and chat. Some people come here to play some of the games that are available. But most all people come here because this spot is very chill, open-minded and there are lots of beers to choose from. I stopped counting how much there are, but it can be said they are specialised in serving beer and offer a HUGE range. Van Moll does not only offer beers, but brews them theirself. Through a clear glass window you can see the brewery downstairs while sipping on your ale. This is the first brewery in Eindhoven and they do this because they love and breathe beer and believe they can add value by providing top-beers and inventing new flavours.

Do NOT worry if you’re not a beer-lover, Van Moll offers some great kinds of rum, whisky and other drinks too, not you’re average stuff, but top of the line. The rum or whisky can be mixed with coke (although they don’t advise it), but not the usual kind (you’ll see).

If you’re ever in Eindhoven or if you haven’t had drinks at Van Moll yet (shame on you) be sure to visit this great drink hotspot! For other Drink Hotspots in Eindhoven check out the Drinks page. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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