Bean Brothers @ Stadsbranderij Eindhoven

Bean Brothers @ Stadsbranderij Eindhoven

Shhhhhhh…. Don’t tell others about this place! We coffee-lovers like to drink our coffee in peace, so the less people know about this place the better…

This little coffee bar on the Bergstraat in Eindhoven serves one of the best coffees in the region and is very cosy. It is located in a small alleyway near the Kleine Berg. The aroma of coffee fills your lungs when you walk in. This place is all about Coffee and nothing more. The Stadsbranderij even has a sign that the coffee is the one thing they are really good at, so if you want to have lunch you can feel free to bring your own (on thursdays and fridays). The little variety of pastry they do have though, is delicious.

The small interior of this place looks like an old barn where goods were stored which has been transformed into this really nice chill environment. The decoration is all vintage and is tastefully chosen. All kinds of different vintage chairs are set up at the different tables and one of the tables is actually and old door flat on it’s back. The art on the walls is contemporary and worth a closer look (funny). The place has a particular feel that can be best described as a ‘brown cafe’, it’s dark colours, nice smell and cosyness. At the entrance of the Bean Brothers cafe big bags of coffee are stacked, not for decoration, but to be used in the coffee bean-roaster that is located near the entrance.

Check out my blog on EIndhoven’s coffee tasting…

Coffee tasting

I did a coffee tasting with the beans from Eindhoven’s coffee hotspots, and tried a bunch of them at home. Check out the update of the Eindhoven coffee tasting here and find out which is your favorite coffee bean blend. If one of beanbrothers beans is your favorite, you can order directly from the website You can also sometimes order a try-out package. Enjoy!

When I was there one of the bean brothers was roasting coffee to perfection. Nowadays the coffee is checked for quality not only by sight and smell, but the coffee-roaster is hooked-up to a computer where the heat of the roaster and the heat of the coffee beans is being monitored. It’s super cool to watch and learn how coffee is made and what the differences are between high-quality coffee and the inferior kind. The coffee beans that are used here are only of the highest 15% quality-rating and come from Brasil, Colombia and Costa Rica. You can learn more in one of the workshops they have about the origin of coffee and making coffee. Check out their website at beanbrothers for more info about the workshops or one of their mobile coffee-bars (which can also be found at different festivals across the Netherlands). I recently followed a workshop about the ‘perfect espresso’ by Arjan through Youtube (Corona-time), which was very interesting!

Of course you can choose some different options of coffee, but the menu is as it should be: pure!

The Bean Brothers stadsbranderij is open from thursday (10-17) till sunday (12-17). If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by this little lovely coffee spot, it’s worth your while. If Beanbrothers is closed or when you want other coffee-options in Eindhoven -and there are plenty of good ones- please check my Coffee hotspots page. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Dedicated to making the best coffee!
Nice Vintage design at Stadsbranderij Eindhoven
Best quality coffee!
Fresh coffee in stacked bags, waiting for roasting.

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