Dinner @ Flavor and Spice Eindhoven

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Dinner @ Flavor and Spice Eindhoven

This restaurant offers a simple and delicious Fusion-menu combined with a killer-entourage. I have had a few lovely dinners at Flavor and Spice in the last months. It originated from a growing demand for home-cooked Persian Food and grew into this restaurant. You taste the love for the food that is being served, and you get a good explanation of the foods and spices. The concept of this hotspot is delicious, sustainable and simple. That means they serve the week menu, or you can have the ‘Taste of Persia’ when you order a ’tafeltje vol’ (full table), where all kinds of dishes are served in little bowls.

Everything I ate at Flavor and Spice is delicious. There is a great palet of spices and the food is very well seasoned, with really nice sauces. I don’t like aubergine (egg-plant) but it was the best dish for me here. With the food comes (fresh) Tsaziki with naan, two different kinds of rice, basmati and ‘rich mans rice’. I had Afghan ice cream with rosewater and glass-noodles. This was a little miracle of a desert, delicious!!

The interior is very tastefully decorated and lighted and it’s a mash between Persian and Urban. Hanging plants combined with rugs, purple lighting, chill-out music combined with Afghan music, very trendy and also very chill and calm. There are 3 separate dining-spaces at Flavor and Spice; One for bigger parties, one that’s like a Persian living room (including rugs) and the center part of the restaurant where you can sit very comfortably on one end of the long bench with all kinds of pillows. The pièce de résistance for me is the ancient wooden doorpost they used to divide two spaces in the main part of the restaurant.

The sisters (I suppose they are sisters) were very friendly, made me feel at home right away. They breathe a passion for food, Afghan and Persian food.

You can eat in or Take-away is possible too. So when you’re in a lousy mood to cook, simply call the Persian-Rescue-Squad to help you out. I heard they will be part of something new that is brewing at Smalle Haven. More on that soon!

Check out the website of flavorandspice and go and visit this dinner-hotspot in Eindhoven.

I will soon post some pictures of this great dinner hotspot, for now you have to go and see yourself! For other good dinner hotspots visit my page dinner hotspots.

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