Dinner Hotspots @ Eindhoven


Dinner Hotspots @ Eindhoven

Here is a selection of my favorite dinner hotspots in Eindhoven. The map below shows you where they are located and I have blogged about some of these restaurants before, so enjoy your food and check out these dinner hotspots!

There are a lot of restaurants in Eindhoven and I will try to make it easy for you by showing you the hotspots by area. I’ll start with the areas Strijp S and the city centre near the trainstation.

Strijp s Area

Let’s start at Strijp S about a 15 minute walk from the central station. There are several good restaurants varying from cheap to pricy. Radio Royaal is a nice restaurant in one of the old machinery rooms of Philips. Good food, open kitchen nice view. Nearby is het Ketelhuis which is especially great in the summer with BBQ’s, cocktails and a good menu. Across the square is Onder de Leidingstraat, where you can eat all kinds of healthy food and buy biological products. In the next building is ‘Vershal ’t Veem‘ a cool marketplace with foodstands. You will find a variety of burgers, taco’s, asian, potato- and egg-stands and lots more. Behind the big Philips buildings on the Torenallee there’s Soul Kitchen where you can eat good food at a great price. There’s also Wynwood, a bit more upper class looking restaurant on the Torenallee, but I haven’t been there yet. At one of the sides of Strijp S there’s Natlab which is a arthouse movie theatre with a great restaurant, so grab your dinner and a movie here. Next to Strijp S (10 minute walk) is Strijp R, where Piet Hein Eek has his woodshop and restaurant.

The Ketelhuisplein @ Strijp S Eindhoven

City Centre Eindhoven – near the trainstation

Walking back towards the city centre you will find Usine which is located centally in the Lighttower (the former Philips headquarters), which has a big variety in menu. Across from the trainstation is Giornale, a great restaurant with Italian influences. The food is excellent as is the interior. This is one of my favorites at the moment. I haven’t been at The Pool at the Student hotel yet -next to the trainstation-, but it’s supposed to be good. Maybe you can try it for me and tell me how it was. Walk into the Dommelstraat and you will find the biggest amount of restaurants in one street (about 20-30). See for yourself what kind of food you crave and have a seat inside or at the terrace in the summer. The italian restaurant Sicilia is small but has great pizzas and other dishes. When you want soccer and a quick bite try the Irish pub and restaurant The Trafalgar Pub.

Lounging at Usine. All you need is a coffee and a newspaper.

In one of my next blogs I will tell you more about dinner hotspots in the city centre of Eindhoven, the Bergen and some other areas. For an overview on my other dinner hotspots, click here.

For now, enjoy this selection of dinner hotspots in Eindhoven. I hope you have a nice stay!

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