Vershal het Veem @ Strijp-S Eindhoven


Vershal het Veem @ Strijp s Eindhoven

You wouldn’t expect this kind of place at Strijp S, this is more the kind of indoor market you would find in Madrid, with all kinds of different good foods on offer. When you’re at Strijp S, just be curious and have a peek here. You can buy mainly foods or ingredients, or enjoy the food and drinks while you’re at Vershal het Veem. There are lots of nice articles to choose from, and every taste-palet is served well. Just a few examples: A beer brewery with a bar, pastry-artists, coffee-specialties, potato-menus, spices, a bakery with fresh (delicious) breads, Soups, burgers, mexican streetfood, teas, wines & nuts, cheeses, flowers, indonesian food and lots more. It’s especially nice to stroll through this market place in the weekends, grab a lunch, buy some fine groceries and enjoy a beer. For an overview of the latest additions check out the Vershals Website. There is also a terrace just outside of the Vershal, so you can enjoy your food and drinks in the sun as well (if you’re lucky). Of course you can do your shopping here and enjoy one of the other interesting hotspots of Strijp S.

It’s nice to combine the Vershal with your stay at Strijp S and a visit of Urban Shopper (a small mini-mall with nice authentic shops), where you can find all kinds of ‘not the usual’ items. Design, Clothing, (graffitti) Art, interior, music or even design-your-own-shoes are examples of goodies that you will find at this collection of shops.

Some interesting facts… The Veem-building has a plant with a state of the art virtual reality center and one with a sustainable trout (the fish) and salad farm. Other plants are used for occasional galleries for designers to ahow their creations.

Other nice market spots to be found in Eindhoven:

Feel good Market – every 3rd friday of the month @ Strijp S (Klokgebouw or Ketelhuisplein)

Market @ St. Gerardusplein – every friday. Nice and cosy market place, next to the church.

Market @ Woenselse markt – every saturday. The biggest market of Eindhoven with all items ranging from socks & clothes to fruit, vegetables and other food.

Do you want to know about other hotspots @ Strijp S Eindhoven, check out this summary of hotspots. For other lunchspots, please visit my lunch-category-page.

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