Graffiti at Berenkuil @ Eindhoven


Graffiti at Berenkuil @ Eindhoven – Step in the arena!

About a twenty minute walk from the central station of Eindhoven you will find the Berenkuil (bear pit), which is a big roundabout that has been used by local artists as a graffiti-wall. This is a great place to check out graffiti art and take pictures of these artistic impressions. To me this is part of one of the urban art hotspots of Eindhoven.

It takes you at least 30 minutes to look at all the interesting tags and paintings, but it’s worth the time or even more. There are really some great artists coming to this spot to show off their magic on the walls of what is actually a crossing for bikes or you could call it a litte park. The work is very impressive. Ranging from ’tags’ from all kinds of artists, all kinds of fantasy-impressions to life-like graffiti of persons. Some of my favorites are the life-like skull, a painting of a big turtle and one that says ‘Locatelli’. But there are also a lot of beautiful tags to be seen. Be sure to visit all the sides of this graffiti-place, because in the tucked-away corners is the best stuff. In the summer (june-july) all the graffiti comes off and you can watch the best artists from all over the world tag their new creations not only at the berenkuil, but in all kinds of spots in the city of Eindhoven. For more info check out ‘stepinthearena’ on facebook. I will post some pictures I made at this place, but not all, as I don’t want to spoil all your fun. Take your time to enjoy this beautiful art hotspot and please let me know what you think about it.

If you go to the Berenkuil by car it’s hard to find a spot nearby to park. The best way is to park near the Texaco-pump on the north-side of this hotspot, or at the ijzeren man (also on the north side). But actually the best way to go is by bike or by foot. Beware of the high-speed bycicle-riders and scooter riders around here, it’s still a roundabout!

So…. My conclusion is that you should visit this art hotspot if you’re interested in graffiti or in art itself. It’s worth your time. Enjoy! There’s also a lot of graffitti scattered around the city and @ Strijp S. For more Art Hotspots check out the art category page. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Here’s a short sneak-preview of 2017 or 2018…


One of my favorite graffiti-art. A life-like skull at Berenkuil Eindhoven
One of many great graffiti-tags at Berenkuil in Eindhoven
Here’s a view from one of the graffiti-tunnels at Berenkuil in Eindhoven
Here’s a nice graffiti painting of an artsy turtle
Start spraying yourself…
Amazing graffiti fantasy art at the Berenkuil in Eindhoven
A great graffiti mural at the Berenkuil in Eindhoven
Book Banksy visual protest
Read about Banksy’s visual protest…


Graffiti art spaceship hovering around the Berenkuil in Eindhoven

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