Rooftop Restaurant Vane Eindhoven

Nice view.. better food!

Rooftop Restaurant Vane Eindhoven

Enjoy your summer cocktails from the Rooftop terrace of restaurant VANE or try the star-quality food in the restaurant or just experience Eindhoven from the top. This is really a great experience!


Start your evening with some fingerfood and great cocktails, mixed by experienced bartenders. Try some of the good rums, cocktails or Eindhovens own beers from Van Moll. We had red wine, mojitos, the nachos which were delicious and I had a Diplomatico reserva rum and coke.

The view, the view, the view… It’s amazing, especially when the sun sets or when it’s already dark.

View from Rooftop bar VANE


Nice cocktail starter set…


To start off, I need to congratulate the way this restaurant handled our reservation. Our wants and needs were discussed in a very professional way, even when we had a lot of ‘difficult eaters’ in our group and we were going to eat a surprise menu. This was followed up by a very warm welcome when we arrived. I thought the staff was very professional, discrete (Like when you don’t even realise the plates have been withdrawn after a course), nice and looking after all our needs. Compliments to you guys and girls!!

We had dinner at a table looking over the sunset and seeing the city from all sides. what an amazing experience. And then there was the food. 🙂 🙂 🙂 We chose a surprise 3-course meal, which could have easily been called 4 or 5 courses. And it was a surprise in every sense of the word. Every bite I had was absolutely breathtaking, very meticulously placed and presented and with a perfect mix of flavours and textures. I am not really that fond of star restaurants, but I guess this is what it should be like, just divine. We had some matching wines to the courses, which were very good too.

Poetry on a plate @ VANE Eindhoven

The food we had in combination with the drinks and cocktails were at a fair price, it was definitely not overpriced. And the quality of the food definitely surpasses that price by far. When you want to go in the weekends, be sure to book a table up front, it might get too cosy otherwise. 😉

I only have one tip left for you: It’s fantastic, go to this rooftop restaurant and have a great evening at VANE… Enjoy!

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