Dinner at Gusto 040 @ Gestel Eindhoven


Dinner at Gusto 040 @ Gestel Eindhoven

If you want to get away from the busy city-centre and enjoy a Spanish-type dinner hotspot, that has finger-licking dishes, go and visit Gusto 040. It’s located on the corner of an area named Gestel and only a ten-minute bike ride from downtown Eindhoven.

The staff and cosy ambiance makes you feel at home right away, and after ordering drinks you’ll always be surprised by a delicious appetizer of the house. The interior is very pleasant and authentic, not too hip or industrial, but very charming. You will see carpets hanging from the ceiling alternating the chandeliers. The outside of the restaurant is surrounded by two terraces. On the porch there is a little fire burning and on the other side the wall is covered with clever decorations. Some days there’s musicians sitting in the corner playing live music accompanying the ambiance and your dinner.

Gusto offers a great way to reduce foodwaste. When the eyes were bigger than the stomach, you can take home a doggy bag and enjoy the rest of your dinner at home. The menu has a variety of dishes, the ones I love are the ‘Macho-steak’ and a Fondue with Cheese from a local place that makes ‘Genneper cheese’. A great dipping adventure with very tasteful vegetables and bread. Oh I forgot to tell you about the bread!! If you order bread before dinner you get a taste of bread that is filled with cinnamon, truly delicious. When you’re done take a look at the deserts, because they’re delicious too. Perhaps a Monchou d’amour or do you prefer swinging in the rain or black bean brownies.

This is a very nice hotspot to get away from the busy city, and just enjoy a romantic dinner for two, or to go with a group and reserve the little room upstairs for a private dinner. At Gusto you will still find the peace for a good one-on-one conversation during dinner.

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Nice interior at Gusto 040!
The little Bunzlau Shop
Nice bulbs!
Free wifi and electricity!

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