Enjoy @ the park Eindhoven


Enjoy the park @ Eindhoven

In the spring and summer I really like to enjoy the parks of Eindhoven, wether it be at one of the lots of festivals that occur in Eindhoven, or just to relax, stroll, jog or have a picknick or BBQ. There are a lot of parks in Eindhoven, some of them nicer than others. To give you an idea where to go, I have made a short list of some of my favorites. Of course there may be many other nice spots, but here are the ones I know. Feel free to add park hotspots via the comments.

One of the bigger parks in Eindhoven is the Genneper Parken. There’s a big area to walk or bike around and some spots where you can enjoy a drink and a bite or even a (lounge) dinner and midgetgolf (Paviljoen Genneper Parken). The park has several walking and cycling routes and even a watermill. The park also has a biological farm (Genneper Hoeve) where you can see (sometimes touch) the animals and buy homemade products such as the famous Genneper Cheese. There are lots of things to do here for kids and families. At one side of the Genneper Parken (51.422950, 5.478633) when it’s sunny groups of friends gather and have outside BBQ-s (I think its legal in this park) and enjoy some drinks together. Close to these parks are several nice dinner spots, such as Gusto-040 and Paviljoen Genneper Parken where you can have your kids run around freely and enjoy simple but nice meals. There’s a midgetgolfcourse, trampolines and sometimes live music here.

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On the other side of the inside Ring (Road) of Eindhoven you will find the start of the Stadswandelpark. This one is also a treat in the summer and lots of people come here for a tan.

A special park that I found by accident is the Henri Dunant Park more up north in Eindhoven. It is actually beautiful and offers a lot of different views and activities, also for kids. There’s a big pond, lots of different corners in the park and there is a kidsfarm and playground/playpark.

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Stratum Eindhoven park and surroundings

If you prefer a more woodsy environment for longer walks you can visit the Leender Heide (Leender Moorland), that starts in the south of Eindhoven in an area called Schuttersbosch. Forests are Accompanied by small sanddunes and areas with moorland, there are small natural pools, woods and eyecatching farsights. All of your senses are excited by the smell of nature, the beautiful colours of all the seasons and the wildlife you might be able to see. This place is really amazing! You can enter the Leenderheide through Schuttersbosch (nice jogging area) or via Waalre on the side of ‘de hut van Mie Pils’ a café on the side of the nature area, which is always full of walkers and cyclists in the weekends. On sunny sundays you have to fight for a spot on the small terrace.

I am also looking forward to the remodeling of the Genderpark, the lay-out looks promising. Somewhere in the next two years we will have another promising park in the city centre, the Victoriapark, now still a parking lot it will become a city-centre park just a few minutes walk away from the station or shopping areas. There’s already a nice coffee&lunch hotspot there and the park is surrounded by the design academy and some refurbished Philips buildings.

Let me know about your park hotspots in Eindhoven below. What’s your best park Eindhoven has to offer? Enjoy the sunny days…. If you like terraces more than parks, you will find the best (sunny) spots here.

Just a tip: bring your own bottle of wine and food to the park or order a pizza or other take-out-food while you’re there… always fun! For the latest hotspots or events follow me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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