Coffeelab @ Eindhoven @ trainstation


Coffeelab @ Eindhoven

Coffeelab Eindhoven is in transition! Coffeelab merged / took over Onder de Leidingstraat (ODL), and was recently forced to move out of the building near the trainstation, because of the new building site near the trainstation. But no worries, you can visit ODL. or one of their other locations like in Den Bosch, near the trainstation.

One of the founders is a famous barista from Eindhoven, so this means quality blends and baristas that know their cup of coffee. They sell coffee online as well, so you can try their blends in your own espresso machine, and I think they even sell cups.

Eindhoven Coffee tasting

I recently tried some of Eindhoven’s best coffee hotspots beans at home, looking for my best cappuccino for at home. Of course taste is very personal, but you can find my coffee tasting blog here. I still have a long bucket list, on which I will keep adding my tastings.

Check out my blog on Eindhovens Coffee tasting…

Go and visit the coffeelab/Onder de Leidingstraat as this is a hotspot for coffee-lovers in Eindhoven! Or visit the other Coffee Hotspots of Eindhoven. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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