TOP 5 Best Coffee Spots Eindhoven

Ok… so I know I’m walking a thin line here, since coffee is a very personal thing. Then again, these are my favorites at the moment… please feel free to prove me wrong and send me some inspiration!

Zwart Wit Koffie

Sun lovers will adore this coffee hotspot in the centre of Eindhoven. Pick a spot on the sunny terrace and you will be good to spend a whole afternoon tasting fantastic coffees, specialty teas and not-your-average-but-fingerlicking-good lunch. Typically Dutch weather? No worries, the interior and friendly staff is really inviting. Click here if you want to read more about ZW.

Zwart Wit Koffie, photo by Elke Teurlinckx

Lucifer Coffee Roasters

A cosy and easy-going coffee hotspot is Lucifer. Named after the match factory responsible for Eindhoven’s nickname ‘City of light’ (no… that credits do not go to the light bulbs from Philips). With a nice and chill 70’s interior and a variety of visitors (working people, coffee breakers, lunch- or terrace-seekers) it offers enough space and yet intimacy to spend some time. Have a tasteful coffee inside, out on the terrace or take one to go. This coffee hotspot is located on the ‘Kleine Berg’, one of the cutest streets in the city centre of Eindhoven, filled with tiny boutiques, bars, coffee- and lunch spots. Click here if you want to read more about Lucifer.

Lucifer Coffee Roasters

The basics for a good cappuccino at home…


Perfection is the first word that comes to mind when I think of DENF. The baristas are very well educated and kindly serve you all kinds of great coffee (for example special filter coffee) which are all roasted at DENF. My personal advice: try the 801 blend. Besides the good coffee, the interior is stylish with brown leather cadillac seats, cozy corners and some high tables. Inviting you to chat away with friends or plug in your laptop for some work. The park in front of DENF has just been transformed from bricks into green so the terrace is worth a visit even more than before. Click here if you want to read more about DENF.

DENF Eindhoven Coffee

Beanbrothers stadsbranderij Eindhoven

This hidden treasure in a small industrial building is not only good for roasting coffee for local bars and restaurants. Bean Brothers also offers barista catering (on location) and a really tasteful vintage like interior to enjoy your specialty coffee. You can watch the coffee being roasted whilst drinking yours and in the meantime get your passionate stories from the owners about different coffee tastes and roasting.

Bean Brothers can be quite hard to find, since the entrance of BB leads you trough some narrow alleys… kind of like being invited to a secret poker game :-). Not even all locals know of this coffee spot. It’s up to you if you want in on this little secret coffee gem. I recently followed an interesting online coffee workshop on the perfect espresso. Click here if you want to read more about Beanbrothers. 

BeanBrothers Stadsbranderij

Nice looking coffee bean grinder

Coffeelab @ Onder de Leidingstraat

This Coffeelab started ‘under construction’ on the square near the trainstation, but has recently (2019) moved to Strijp S. Besides a location in Eindhoven, it owns a great spot in Den Bosch (30 mins) and will be opening soon in Breda (time of writing). The founder is one of the first (multiple) title-winning baristas from the Netherlands, and that shows in the quality of the best coffee as well as the staff. Nowadays it is located in lunch hotspot Onder de Leidingstraat, one of my favorites on Strijp S, so it combines the best of both worlds. Click here if you want to read more about Coffeelab and/or Onder de Leidingstraat.

Onder de Leidingstraat

There’s so (!) many more coffee spots that are worth writing about… It could easily be a ‘Top 10 best coffee spots Eindhoven’. Maybe later :-)… For now my next tasting stop will be The Roast housed in the Fifth NRE building, since I had a superb coffee during lunch at FifthNRE. Will keep you posted!

For now: Enjoy!

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