Hotspots @ De Bergen Eindhoven

Bergen Eindhoven Eppo Comic Store

Hotspots @ De Bergen Eindhoven

One of my favorite areas in Eindhoven is ‘De Bergen’ with lots of small boutiques and shops, nice bars and restaurants. The Kleine Berg is the main street and is full of energy in the summer.

This area is one of the most authentic areas of Eindhoven, since the streets got spared during the war. The vibe in this area is very relaxed and cosy allthough it is also about seeing and being seen. People in hip clothes pass by as you’re enjoying your coffee and a newspaper at one of the coffee bars here.  Every now and then expensive cars drive by in low gear to be looked at. But besides all the fuss it’s an area with great food, coffee, bars and little shops.

Coffee and lunch @ De Bergen Eindhoven

Lucifer Specialty Coffee: Chill-out spot discovered…
Beanbrothers… Best quality coffee!

Two of my favorite coffee hotspots are in the Bergen, Lucifer Specialty Coffee and Beanbrothers, but the new place Brasserie Bellevuelooks great too. For lunch there are several places ranging from easygoing to high end. From Bagel&Juice (try the rocky road cake) to Mangiare (italian food, great summer garden) to Lucifer Specialty Coffee (love the coffee and sandwiches) and lots more. Go and have a look for yourself and try these or other lunchspots. Just off the Kleine Berg there is also Kazerne (restaurant and artgallery) and Meneer de Boer, which serves breakfast all day.
Other lunchspots in the area you can find here.





Shopping @ De Bergen Eindhoven

The Bergen hosts a lot of little shops and boutiques, so you can stroll a couple of hours to find what you want. From small boutiques for women (e.g. Le Studio, Label) to a spiritual shop, cheese (and more) at Jokkmokk and cookies and icecream. For men there are several shops as well. You can suit up and drink a coffee at Wildenberg Ynformal, or visit Superdry or Mensroom. But the best shop for men is Eppo comic store, where you can relive your childhood dreams. There is also a Warhammer store in this street, for the degens.

Just take a look for yourself and shop till you drop!

Dinner @ De Bergen Eindhoven

For dinner there are several good restaurants. You can try The Roast Club for BBQ, Trattoria Mangiare for Italian, Welp for international cuisine, Berlage (has just been remodeled) or UMAMI (modern-Asian) amongst others. I have seen some good reviews on Seabas (really really fresh fish) and Aprazivel (only homemade products), but I haven’t had the chance to go there yet. Let me know below where you went and what your opinion is.

Drinks @ De Bergen Eindhoven

One of my favorite places to grab a drink is at Bobby’s Bar. This authentic looking bar serves the biggest amount of Gin Tonics in Eindhoven and has great bartenders who know their drinks. Another good place to hang out is Brewpub Van Moll. They serve a good selection of craft beers and brew some good ones themselves. You can also try the several restaurants that transform into nightlife as soon as the night hits. The small (indoor) terraces are packed in the summer in the Bergen, and there is a good reason why. If you don’t succeed to have a good night here, check out my other drink hotspots.

Drinks at Van Moll

As you can see, there is a lot to tell about the Bergen in Eindhoven, and I just barely started. So when you visit Eindhoven, don’t forget to visit this area, or you will miss out on a lot!!! Enjoy.


P.S. Since this area is so small, I didn’t add a map. You just need to find out yourself!


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