Lunch at Usine @ City Centre


Lunch at Usine @ city centre – A nice place for breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner

In the city centre Usine is one of my favourite places to have lunch, coffee or work. It’s located near the shopping street of Eindhoven across the street from the MediaMarkt.

From the outside you would almost pass by this little gem in the lichttoren (light tower). This building was used since 1911 as a light-bulb factory of Philips and later on it was used as the headquarters of the lighting division of Philips. On top of the building the Philips logo still shines in blue. It’s a really nice photography spot with the Blob just across the street and you will see this image if you google Eindhoven. Nowadays it houses offices, housing and the lunch and dinner hotspot Usine.

The interior of the restaurant is industrial and modern and together with the colourful sofa’s and pillows it gives a warm look. There’s a lot of different places to sit. On the left you can hang and read from the newspapers and magazines at a big reading-table. You can have a one-on-one lunch or conversation during coffee in the middle. The right of the Usine is best for having your dinner or lunch. I have also seen some good platters of goodies come by for high-tea.

There’s a lot to offer on the menu so going there often doesn’t mean you eat the same each time. If you’re having coffee you should try the carrot cake (Carrot cake? Yes, carrot cake) from the pastry shop, it’s delicious!

The crowd at Usine differs from Design-academy students, expats working at the tech companies, people having a business lunch, but also elderly coming for a coffee and to read the newspaper. You should blend right in. Recently they opened a kid-friendly section where kids can play in the little kitchen.

In the summer the outer terrace is a nice place to sit or ‘hang’ in one of the beach folding chairs.

This is definitely one of my lunch hotspots in Eindhoven. You haven’t seen the city of Eindhoven if you haven’t been here. For other delicious places to have lunch check out my lunch hotspots or coffee hotspots.

Tip of the day: You’re close to Strijp S. Take your time and grab a bus -or do a 12 minute walk- to this amazing place with lots of hotspots for lunch, dinner, shopping, music and culture.

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Lounging at Usine. All you need is a coffee and a newspaper.
One of the stylish lunch corners at Usine
One of the cool lilghtbulbs at Usine
The hallway at Usine… brings you back to Philips era.
Great little shop at Usine
Lunch in a large group at Usine.

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