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When your regular Eindhoven Guide falls short

When your regular Eindhoven Guide falls short…

Since there are several travel guides that overlook Eindhoven or only show us a small portion of what there is to see and do in Eindhoven, maybe this blog can give you a heads up for when you’re visiting or living in this great city. When you’re preparing your stay in Eindhoven and when the usual guides (for example the Lonely Planet, Frommers guide or Tripadvisor) don’t provide you with the right  information, you might want to check out this blog on Eindhovens finest hotspots. Whenever I hear about a new  hotspot I try to go and see it as soon as possible to inform you about the best places.

I have categorized my blogs in a few categories to make it easier for the visitor to find what he / she is looking for. The hotspots are sorted in the following categories:

Art spots                              – Some of my best art hotspots in Eindhoven

Breakfast spots                   – Some of the best breakfast hotspots in Eindhoven

Coffee spots                        – Get your best coffee here!

Lunch spots                         – Tasty lunch-spots

Dinner Spots                        – A wide variety of really good restaurants, with a great ambiance…

Drink Spots                          – Where do I go to drink a beer?

Terrace spots                       – What’s a good place to be at, when the sun is out?

Market spots                        – Some of the nicer places to look around when doing your (not usual) shopping

My blog is not about showing you all there is to offer in Eindhoven, but it is my view on what’s good, tasty, fun and good-looking in Eindhoven. Only the best hotspots. If you have an addition to my hotspots please let me know and I will check it out, who knows, maybe I’ll even blog about it.

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Calendar Eindhoven – things to do / hotspots to visit

To stay tuned to what Eindhoven has to offer in the near future please visit the current agenda of Eindhoven @Eindhovenactueel or @thisiseindhoven

For now enjoy your stay in Eindhoven and enjoy this interesting urban and transforming city!

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