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Background and Idea

When I moved to Eindhoven I started exploring this great city! I love to discover new places in Urban Eindhoven and let you know about these hotspots. Before I moved to Eindhoven I had the common feeling that Eindhoven was an ugly city with no interesting things. Since I am living here I changed my mind COMPLETELY. This city is one of the coolest cities in the Netherlands (maybe even Europe). Where a lot of tourists love and visit Amsterdam and Utrecht, I think Eindhoven should definitely be named, because of it’s cool spots and the innovating culture that surrounds the city. Eindhoven is all about Design, Urban coffee bars, Industrial restaurants, Startups & High Tech companies and need-to-know parties.

Through this Eindhoven Guide or blog I will tell you about my hotspots for food, coffee, drinks, art, and to chill-out. If you like my finds, please comment on the blogposts in this guide. Maybe you have suggestions for hotspots that you wish to share. You can also add these to the comments on the pages. I will try and visit these places, if I like your addition and if it fits the type of hotspots in my guide.

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More is coming soon, so enjoy my hotspots and Eindhoven above all!!!

Tip: I have categorized my blogs in a few categories to make it easier for the visitor to find what he / she is looking for. The hotspots are sorted in the following categories:

Art spots                              – Some of my best art hotspots in Eindhoven

Breakfast spots                   – Some of the best breakfast hotspots in Eindhoven

Coffee spots                        – Get your best coffee here!

Lunch spots                         – Tasty lunch-spots

Dinner Spots                        – A wide variety of really good restaurants, with a great ambiance…

Drink Spots                          – Where do I go to drink a beer?

Terrace spots                       – What’s a good place to be at, when the sun is out?

Market spots                        – Some of the nicer places to look around when doing your (not usual) shopping

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Eindhoven Coffee tasting

I recently tried some of Eindhoven’s best coffee hotspots beans at home, looking for my best cappuccino for at home. Of course taste is very personal, but you can find my coffee tasting blog here. I still have a long bucket list, on which I will keep adding my tastings.

Check out my blog on Eindhovens Coffee tasting…

Calendar Eindhoven – things to do / hotspots to visit

To stay tuned to what Eindhoven has to offer in the near future please visit the current agenda of Eindhoven @Eindhovenactueel or @thisiseindhoven

For now enjoy your stay in Eindhoven and enjoy this interesting urban and transforming city!

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