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Coffee @ Lucifer Coffee Eindhoven

Coffee @ Lucifer Coffee Eindhoven

The Kleine Berg in Eindhoven has recently been surprised by a newborn… Lucifer Coffee. I wonder where it got its name from, maybe because it’s a little cheeky or because of the darkness in the Coffee-roast.

The name of Lucifer Coffee however is derived from the slightly unknown matchstick past of Eindhoven. Even before Philips even set foot to evolve the lightbulb industry, this town was famous for it’s matchstick (Lucifer) factories. Plenty of the best suitable wood in the area made Eindhoven a great hub for producing these matchsticks. Hence the name LightTown. Sorry Philips. Lucifer coffee brings homage to this era.

In the search for great coffee Lucifer Coffee has chosen its coffee beans from BeanBrothers Eindhoven and Blommers Coffee Roasters Nijmegen. This choice was based upon serving coffees and espressos that are a little bit eccentric but still accessible to most and using the best beans available. In comparison to wine you could say that ‘Specialty Coffee = Grand Cru’. Right now there’s Panamanian coffee from Bean Brothers and Kenian and Ethiopic-filter from Blommers. The mix varies, depending on new finds, crops or roasts especially selected by the owner.

The Kleine Berg in Eindhoven is a very fashionable street and a good place to have lunch, dinner or enjoy the good bars and coffee-places. The visitors of the street are of all sorts and wear the freshest of fresh fashion. Lucifer Specialty Coffee is definitely an added value  to the Kleine Berg, making it more of a terrace street and even more worth a stroll.

Lucifers terrace in front is really a treat. It’s really a good look-out spot and the interior of the coffee hotspot is nice as well. There’s a lot of space to chill-out, read the newspaper or magazines at a big table, or just relax in a little cosy corner. When I was there I tried the flat white, which was delicious. I am planning on visiting soon to grab a bite as well. I’ve seen they serve home-baked bread, pie, muffins and yogurt.

When you’re near the city centre, go and visit the Kleine Berg and Lucifer Coffee for a nice sunny terrace spot, the nice ambiance the bites and of course their freshly made and good coffee. There are other nice coffee and lunchspots nearby. Check them all out on coffee hotspots and lunch hotspots. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Chill-out spot discovered…


Yumm… Smells good!


Vintage Seats and lamps.

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