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Coffeelab @ Eindhoven @ trainstation

Coffeelab @ Eindhoven @ trainstation

Grab a coffee on your way from or to the station. Or even better, just take your time to visit this cool place near the station for one of Eindhovens best coffees. There is a new barista every month and these baristas are selected from the best in Europe. Coffeelab UC is always under construction, as is this post, but:

More is coming soon!

In the same building as CoffeeLab, you will find the Thisiseindhoven store. You can find your way around Eindhoven, start your planning of the hotspots to visit in Eindhoven or buy a Eindhoven-fan shirt, whatever you like. And of course in combination with a coffee and some pastry or a sandwich.


Go and visit the coffeelab as this is a hotspot for coffee-lovers in Eindhoven! Or visit the other Coffee Hotspots of Eindhoven. For the latest hotspots or events follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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